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R J Washington

Throughout his life, Bob would continue to explore materials and themes, but always coming back to the pots as a vessel.



Born in London


1930 - 1933

Goldsmiths' College School of Art, London (painting).


1933 - 1936

Royal College of Art, London (painting).


1936 - 1937

Goldsmiths and Royal College of Art, Art Teachers Diploma.


1937 - 1938

Royal College of Art, pottery (under William Staite Murray); also evening classses at Central School of Art (under Dora Billington).


1938 - 1946

Derby School of Art, teaching pottery and painting. Used facilities of Shenstone Pipe Works and Joseph Bourne, Derby, 1938 - 1940.


1940 - 1946

War Service, RAF.


1946 - 1948

Deputy principal, Thanet School of Art.


1948 - 1949

Principal, Dewsbury School of Art.


1949 - 1979

Inspector for Art Education, Essex County Council Education Committee.



Returned to full-time potting.

Throwing two hundred pots upon retirement after thirty years as Her Majesty's Inspector for Art  Education with Essex Education Committee"


17 November 1997





Enter the Gallery

Pots Panels Drawings & Paintings Late Bowls Sculpture Late Pots Bowls Platters

Verse LX


And strange to tell among that Earthen Lot

Some could articulate, while others not:

And suddenly only more impatient cried -

"Who is the Potter, pray, and who the Pot?"

omar name

'This space is hardly describable as an exhibition because there is too much in it - I use it

to set out the work chronologically to see where I have been, what now and where next.'

R J Washington (1994)

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