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Throughout his lifetime, Bob made meticulous notes. In the picture (below) we can see reference to 'Billington'. Dora Billington was

a tutor and guide for Bob as a student ceramist.


Of the many styles of vessels thrown, Bob is arguably best

known for his tall, slim pots. You can see an example today at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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London's V & A is home to several pieces of Bob's work - a bowl and five vases.


His earliest student work can be found in room 142, where it is displayed beside William Staite-Murray, his tutor at the Royal College of Art.


The 1930s marked a distinct turning point in British ceramics. Works were recognised for their artistic merits.

V & A Catalogue details -


Materials and Techniques: Stoneware, painting in dark brown iron-oxide in a grey-brown glaze


Museum number:



Gallery location:

Studio Ceramics, room 142, case 19