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About the Bursary


In 1938, Bob completed his Pottery MA at the Royal College of Art in London. In 2007,


The RJ Washingon Bursary was established to support current MA graduates in their future careers. LINK TO RECIPIENT 2021



R J Washington Bursary 

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Above: 'Dialogue' by Emily Gardiner

Procelain glaze

Maxiumum Height: 14 cm


Below: 'Release' by Emily Gardiner

Stoneware glaze

Dimensions: 52x24x38cm

Above; 'Lucent Device Series' by Lauren Ilsley

Photography by Sylvain Deleu.

Below: 'Empyrean Alignment no. 2' by Lauren Ilsley

R J Washington

Bursary Recipients

Whires 6Device Seriessmall 5Empyrean AlignmentNo2Small

To contact Lauren directly click here.

2013 Bursary recipient Emily Gardiner in discussion for 'Out of

the Tub'.

shot1sm shotsm

Photo (left to right): Olivia, Su and Lauren


Series: Lines / Date: 2016 / Copyright Lauren Nauman



Lauren and Su at the Premiere 'Out of the Tub'

4.Empyrean Alignment no.1with lightSmall Watch Video 2017-06-24-PHOTO-00000003 2017-06-24-PHOTO-00000007

"Dealing with the personal is a strong source of inspiration for me; a balance between triangulating the relationship of experiences and the artefacts of my own making." - Anna Chrysopoulo


Recipient 2017 - Anna Chrysopoulo

Recipient 2016 - Lauren Nauman

Recipient 2015 - Lauren Ilsley

Recipient 2018 - Pam Su

'I find heroes in abstract expressionism and work in the manner of the personal and lyrical. Materiality, duality of contrasts, and scenes of the derelict, quiet and still, captivate my thoughts while harnessing them into a mood, tone, atmosphere through the visual metaphor of form, glaze and color.' - Pam Su














Pining for a white Christmas (left photo)

"New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down" (right photo)


Photography by Ester Segarra; Chao Wang

pamsu1 pamsu2 insta Watch Video


Cunabula-a GB100719.001 (2)

Joseph Gabriel,

RJ Washington Bursary recipient 2019

'There is a tension between the familiar and unknown, which is intriguing. There is exploration and risk taking in her work, which feels driven more by the process than an end product. As result, her work is fresh and unpredictable.' - Su Washington


Link to Gina Baum

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 11.56.58

Gina Baum 

RJ Washington Bursary recipient 2019

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.56.21 Link button

'Joseph's work is striking and dynamic. You sense the power of fragmentation, of material breaking down. Joseph’s monochrome palette gives the work a charred aesthetic, which is almost primitive. His ceramic forms are imbued with a sense of being in transition between states, and this is exciting.' - Su Washington


Link to Joseph Gabriel


Elly Glossop

RJ Washington Bursary recipient 2020
























Extracts from Portfolio of Practice