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Tucson Museum of Art


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Su Lupasco Washington presents an iconic pot by Bob Washington to Robert Knight, Tucson Museum

of Art.


Tucson Museum of Art have accepted an historical pot made by Bob Washington, thrown in

the 1960's and decorated in the 80's.


The pot has two stylised female figures one holds a child in her arms. This stoneware pot is  part of a series which features in the film to be launched in spring.

tusconpot2crop cropped

Photo by Katie Sweeney


Bob was a fan of Westerns, many of

which were filmed in and around

Tucson. He was inspired by the

dramatic landscape, which were a source of inspiration to him. He made a series of pots based upon the sandstone mountains of Arizona.


About The Washington  

                   Foundation UK





Royal College of Art, RJ Washington Bursary Award to be announced.



International Ceramics Festival, Wales / Scheduled Tour of  Washington Studio and Artworks, by appointment


August /September

Scheduled Tour of Washington Studio and Artworks, by appointment





Art in Clay, Farnham Pottery and Ceramics Festival The Maltings Bridge Square Farnham Surrey


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The Washington family has long championed the work of artists. William Washington, born in 1885, was an acclaimed engraver. Today his work is displayed in many prominent location such as The Fitz-William Museum, Cambridge.


His son, Bob, formally known as RJ Washington, was a highly regarded ceramist. His student work presently resides in the Victoria and Albert Museum, alongside William-Staite Murray. The work also features in every major public collection.


In 2014 the Washington Foundation UK was established with the aim of supporting emerging artists to develop their skills.


R J Washington Bursary 2018


Pam Su has been announced as the recipient of the

RJ Washington Burary 2018.

Essex Wildlife Trust Visit


Andrew Impey, CEO of the Essex Wildlife Trust visited the Foundation to discuss Wildlife and Art.


Photo (above): Andrew receives a platter from Su

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'I've always felt passionately about the wildlife that surrounds us, as did Bob. We're very lucky here, there's such a diverse range of animals that we see everyday, including badgers, foxes, rabbits, woodpeckers, blue jays... In the future our hope is for the Foundation to be able to support the Essex Wildlife Trust in a very tangible way. Watch this space.' - S.W.

'Pam's work has a dublicity about it, often with contrasting colours and textures. Her work explores the materials she uses, with dramatic and surprising results.' - Su and Olivia Washington

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